Dynamics Processor

A Dynamics Processor allows you to control the level (volume) of your audio. When set up correctly, it does this in a transparent way, not making hugely noticeable alterations to the sound, but nevertheless giving you the control that you may need.

All radio stations, television stations, pro club DJs, etc, use dynamics processors.

Examples of where a Dynamics Processor can help you:

OtsAV gives you a fully fledged, pro-quality dynamics processor comprising AGC, compressor and limiter. Full control is given to each of the characteristics of each processor section. You can duplicate a squashy or punchy radio sound if you like, but you can also obtain smooth, consistent audio that is not noticeably altered from the original, and yet all of a sudden your levels problems are solved.

For details on the Dynamics Processor Presets click here.

For a detailed explanation of Dynamics Processing click here.


To find the Dynamics Processor dialog box click on the Dynamics Processor icon on the toolbar.


OtsAV Dynamics Processor dialog box explained

Automatic Gain Control button: Enables/Disables the Automatic Gain Control in the Dynamics Processor.

Compressor button: Enables/Disables the Compressor in the Dynamics Processor.

Limiter button: Enables/Disables the Limiter in the Dynamics Processor.

Input gain slider: Adjusts the Input Level into the Dynamics Processor.

Output gain slider: Adjusts the Output Level out of the Dynamics Processor.

Lounge button: Enables the Lounge Dynamics Processor preset.

DJ button: Enables the DJ Dynamics Processor preset.

Party button: Enables the Party Dynamics Processor preset.

Office button: Enables the Office Dynamics Processor preset.

Radio button: Enables the Radio Dynamics Processor preset.

Fletcher-Munson compensation: (estimate audience dB SPL) options: Enables you to alter the Fletcher-Munson compensation options based upon your audience size.


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