Video crossfading/transitions

When OtsAV is in AutoDJ mode, video transitions between clips occurs automatically. When a reference point is reached during playback, such as when a new song begins, OtsAV will perform a transition to the new clip. There are a number of video transitions that can occur, under Options -> Video/CD+G -> Transitions

Tip: The Options -> Video/CD+G menu can also be accessed by right-clicking your mouse on the middle video display (when visible). This is the suggested method, as it is the quickest way to access the Video/CD+G features.


Random - Advanced (recommended) will select a random transition between clips.

Random - Simple Only will perform a cut or dissolve as the video transition style.

Static -- Always Use -> Dissolve - Slow to always perform a slow dissolve between clips.

                                    Dissolve - Medium to always perform a medium paced dissolve between clips.

                                    Dissolve - Fast to always perform a fast dissolve between clips.

                                    Cut to always cut (no fading) between clips.


Manual Video Transitions

If you choose to manually mix between video clips, the video content of your clips can be controlled in the following manner.

The OtsAV Mixer can be used to "hide" the video content of a song that you are Cueing, by moving the crossfader to the opposite side of the Deck you are Cueing.


For example...

If you have a video playing in Deck A, and want to Cue up another video in Deck B, move the Crossfader all the way to the very left hand side (see image below).

Listen to Deck B in your headphones (and watch the video on the On-Screen-Monitors), and set the appropriate Tempo/Pitch/Cue Point. When you are ready to start playing Deck B, move the crossfader back to the central position.

Tip: The OtsAV Mixer crossfader can be moved using keyboard shortcuts, which makes the mixing process far easier.

When Cueing a video in Deck A, move the crossfader all the way to the right.


Note: If you have two video clips playing, you can toggle between which clip is being shown on your 2nd Display by moving the crossfader one step left or right of the center position.


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