Step 8: Activating your Intro & Outro Ranges

These check boxes are used to allow/disallow OtsAV from using the Intro and Outro beat mix ranges within your Ots files. The following two options are available.


Checked: The information for the particular range has been set, and should be used within OtsAV when automatically beat mixing.

Note: The Intro & Outro Ranges must be checked for them to be used as part of the Automated Beat Mixing in OtsAV.


Un-checked: The information for the particular range is not yet complete and should not be used within OtsAV when beat mixing. This option is useful if you have started setting the Intro and Outro ranges, but are yet to finish them. All work carried out can still be saved, however it won't be used in OtsAV until the box is checked.


Note: The Active - allow use check boxes are unique for the Intro and Outro ranges. This means you can use the Intro range, but not the Outro range, or vice versa if needed.


OtsAV will display the beat attributes for every song in the Att. (Attributes) column in all list and search areas. The following display options can occur in the Att. column.


   B: The media has active Intro & Outro ranges.

   Bi: The media has only an active Intro range.

   Bo: The media has only an active Outro range.



Once you are satisfied with your Beat Info, click OK to exit the Edit Beat Info window. Save your Ots file by clicking on the icon in the Ots Studio Toolbar.


Proceed to Step 9: Automatically beatmixing your Media in OtsAV