Preparing your Music Video collection

Depending on what format your music videos are currently in (MPEG, DVD), there are a number of options available. All videos must be converted to Ots files before they can be played in OtsAV.

The first step is convert your music DVD collection to VOB files.


Note: If you already have your music videos stored on your hard drive, click here.


Converting DVDs to hard-drive-based VOB files-

In order to create files from DVD, you first need to extract the video files from the DVD. There are a number of DVD ripping tools available on the internet that can achieve this. The following tools can be used:


Smartripper  (Instructions)

Tip: Use File Splitting every Chapter so that each song is contained in a single unencrypted VOB file. The VOB files can then be renamed to Artist - Title.vob.


DVD Shrink  (Instructions)

Tip: Use the Re-Author option, and adjust the Start/End frames by chapter. The result will be singular unencrypted VOB files that can be renamed to Artist - Title.vob.


Consult the documentation within the DVD ripping tool itself to learn how to rip DVDs to chapter based VOB files.

These tools allow you to rip your DVDs into one VOB file per song, not unlike ripping an audio CD into individual MP3 files. Once you have a collection of VOB files, you can convert them to optimized MPEG2 files, or import them as VOB files into Ots Studio.


Disclaimer: Copying DVD content is illegal in some countries. Check with your local authorities.


Once you have converted your DVDs to VOB files on your hard drive, you then need to decide whether to create optimized video files (for use on lower specification hardware), or full quality (DVD quality) video files.


Full Quality Video files

To get the highest possible quality of video playback, we suggest using full quality video files. This is the quickest way to convert from DVD to Ots files, and will result in DVD quality playback from OtsAV. To learn how to create DVD quality Ots files, click here.


Optimized Video files

Keeping your system efficient is key to avoiding video playback problems. If your computer does not meet the recommended requirements, we suggest converting your VOB files to optimized MPEG files. For instructions on how to create optimized MPEG video files, click here.


Converting your existing MPEG1, MPEG2 or VOB video files to Ots files

If you already have your music video files in MPEG1, MPEG2 or VOB file formats on your hard drive, you can use the Batch Conversion Tool in Ots Studio to easily create Ots files. See the Ots Studio documentation for more information.


Note: Only MPEG1, MPEG2, VOB, and TS video file types are supported. If you are using other video file types, such as Divx, Xvid, or MP4, you will need to convert them to a supported format.



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