Editing title/artist information

Ots Studio has a simple editing mode known as item quick edit which enables you to quickly and easily edit the artist, title, genre, and release information of an item in an Ots file. When you click on an item in the File Chunk Map area, as opposed to a chunk, the Item Quick Edit screen will appear in the edit area of the screen. This mode is ideal for quickly and efficiently entering general information. It is quick and easy to tab through all items, editing as you go.

For advanced editing you will need to click on the individual chunk references and edit the appropriate fields, e.g. the Artist Info chunk for the first track in the album.

When you have performed any kind of edit save the Ots file for the changes to take effect. Note that you should not normally edit a file while it is currently being accessed by another program, such as OtsAV.

See the Doing things the right way! section for important information on correctly editing your Ots file chunks.


How to quickly edit the title/artist information in an Ots file

Tip: We recommend that you check out the Doing things the right way! topic for helpful advise on correctly editing artist and title information.



Note: if you are trying to save to a file that is opened by another application, or if the file is marked as Read Only, you will receive the Error writing to File error message. You will need to close the other application or change the attributes of the file you are trying to save to.


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