Editing your Ots files

You are able to quickly and efficiently edit your Ots files with Ots Studio. Ots Studio has a user-friendly interface that provides quick access to items and their associated chunks. For a detailed description of the Ots Studio layout click here.

To edit an Ots file click on the Open button and navigate to the Ots file that you want to edit. Alternatively, from within a Windows explorer window, simply right-click on an Ots file, and choose the Edit option. This will open Ots Studio and load that particular Ots file into it.

This section covers:

Editing title/artist information

Editing ACI mix points

Editing Genre, Release and Copyright information

Editing the Beat Info

Editing Video properties

How to add cover art to an Ots file

How to add a track to an Ots file

How to remove a track from an Ots file

Moving items and chunks around



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