Moving items and chunks around

When working with an Ots file at the item/chunk level, as opposed to editing the actual data within chunks, the following can easily be achieved:

It's helpful to realize that the chunks that appear in the chunk map tree-view, are not strictly-speaking, chunks at all, but rather are purely references to chunks. Normally there is a one-to-one relationship of references to chunks, which is why it is easier to think of the references as being actual chunks. However this is not strictly true. The Ots file format supports multiple references to any given chunk. This is why you can create a second link to an already existing chunk. When you delete a chunk, you are really only deleting the reference to it. However, once the last reference to a given chunk has been deleted, the chunk itself is also deleted.

If you find the concept of chunks vs. references, a little confusing, then don't worry. You don't normally need to worry about it. It is another architectural design feature that makes Ots files extremely powerful, and means that there is virtually never a reason to have the same data stored twice (redundant information).


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