OtsTurntables is a revolutionary software turntable player. OtsTurntables unique real-time turntables, coupled with the emulated turntable effects, will give you the closest feel yet, on a software level, to turntable DJing. You can now scratch and mix your MP3s, WAVs, Ots files, and CDs like a professional DJ.

The OtsTurntables documentation is dedicated to helping you configure and operate all aspects of OtsTurntables. To begin using this document click on one of the topic links below, or search for a topic by using the Keyword Index or Search tool.



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Installation and setup

How to play your music

Creating a playlist

How to scratch a file

How to scratch and keep in time

Using turntable effects

How to record your mix

Cue channel output options

Hercules DJ Controller MK1 Mapping

Internet broadcasting

Visual FX

Keyboard shortcuts


This documentation applies to OtsTurntables version 1.00.047 released on 30th December 2009.