Creating a playlist.

Question: What is a playlist?

Answer: A playlist is a list of items (files) which are played sequentially (in order) from top to bottom.

OtsTurntables enables you to very simply create a playlist containing your MP3, Wave, Ots Album, or CD Audio files. Once created, you can either sit back and enjoy as OtsTurntables takes care of the mix, or if you are a little more adventurous -- a DJ by nature -- you can interactively mix between the items in the playlist yourself.

With OtsTurntables there is no practical limit to the length of a playlist (number of items in the playlist). You can create a list consisting of your entire collection if you so wish.

Editing a playlist is very simple. Files or folders of files, can be added to the playlist using the playlist control buttons. For details on the playlist control buttons click here. If you wish to move files up or down in the playlist simply drag and drop the files. To delete files from the list simply press the Delete button or right-click and select the Delete from List option.

The End of List marker shows the end of the current playlist. Items that have been placed in a turntable are automatically added to the bottom of the list, after the End of List marker, which in effect creates a history list. When a playlist is exhausted, when the End of List marker has been reached, by default OtsTurntables will continue to play the items after the End of List marker therefore providing you with continuous play.

When files are added to the end of the playlist (using the Add and End options) they are added before the End of List marker.

You are able to save a playlist so it can be used again at a later date. This feature is great for creating a tailored playlist for a specific purpose, e.g. a birthday party. Once you are at the party you can start with the saved playlist and simply add to, or remove items, to suit your party requirements.


To view the playlist area click on the Display Playlist Area button. The playlist area will drop down below the turntables.


Tip: You are able to command OtsTurntables to open the playlist area at program startup. In the main menu go to Options and select the Playlist Displayed at Program Startup option. Alternatively, select the Full Screen Mode at Program Startup option.


This section covers:

How to add a file to the playlist

How to add a folder of files to the playlist

How to remove items from the playlist

How to randomize a playlist

How to save and load a playlist