Playlist area layout

The playlist area enables you to create a list of music files that will be played in sequence (from start to end). The playlist displays the Artist and Title of the files that are added to the playlist. Files can be added to the playlist using the playlist control buttons. For details on the playlist control buttons see below.

To display the playlist area click on the Display Playlist Area button in the bottom right corner of the OtsTurntables window.

For instructions on creating a playlist click here.


Playlist control buttons


This option enables files to be added to the current playlist.


This option will cause the current playlist to be replaced.


Files imported will be added to the top of the playlist.


Files imported will be added to the end of the playlist before the End of List marker.


Select this option to import files into the playlist.


Select this option to import a folder of files into the playlist.


This option enables you to load a playlist file into the playlist.


This button enables you to load audio CD tracks from a CD-ROM.


This button will clear the current playlist.


This button will rearrange the playlist so that the End of List marker is at the bottom of the list and any items below it are moved back to the top of the list.


This button enables you to save a playlist file.


This button provides a menu of playlist actions. For details on the actions menu click here.


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