OtsTurntables buttons

This section explains the function of each of the buttons in the OtsTurntables window.

OtsTurntables buttons

Global transport buttons


Plays the current loaded item, the next available item, or the last turntable played (if both are loaded).

Pause Off

Suspends all playing turntables.

Pause On

Suspended state.


Stops all playing turntables.


Fades out current item and plays the previous item.


Fades out current item and plays next available item.

Auto DJ On

Auto-DJ Mode enabled. Auto DJ mode handles mixing automatically.

Auto DJ off

Auto-DJ Mode disabled.


Turntable effects buttons

Turntable effects

Provides access to the Turntable effects menu.

Stuck-Needle effect

Enables/Disables the Stuck-Needle effect.


Load button


Enables you to: load a file directly into a turntable, load the next playlist item, or eject a file from a turntable.


Audio options buttons

Graphic Equalizer

Opens the Ots Labs Graphic Equalizer control panel.

Dynamics Processor

Opens the Ots Labs Dynamics Processor control panel.

Ots Labs Power Amplifier

Opens the Output Configuration control panel.


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