OtsTurntables turntable layout

Below is a description of each button and slider on the OtsTurntables turntables.

A turntable has three states:


OtsTurntables turntable layout


Plays the current track from the current position.


Stops the current playing track.


Fades the current track and starts other turntable playing.


Displays the current track time.


Displays the total track time.

Pitch control slider

Enables +/- 20% pitch variance.

Tempo control slider

Enables +/- 20% tempo variance

Progress bar indicator

Progress bar indicator

Displays the progress and current position in the track. Click on the progress bar indicator to change the current track position.

Direction Control slider

Enables +/- 200% direction control. There are three preset direction buttons:

-100% Direction button

Sets the direction to reverse normal speed.

0% Direction button

This will stop the turntable, due to 0% equaling no movement. (This mode can be useful for scratching the record without directional forces.)

+100% Direction button

Sets the direction to forward normal speed.


You are able to control both turntables using keyboard shortcuts, for details click here.


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