Saving and loading a playlist

Note: The save playlist feature is available in OtsTurntables Bedroom, Silver or Pro. For license details click here.

With OtsTurntables you are able to save a playlist as a playlist file so that you can, at a later date, load the playlist file to have OtsTurntables play the list.

This feature is great for users who want to create a predefined playlist for a specific purpose, e.g. for a specific party or gig, or for their own listening pleasure.

- When using a playlist file (.
OFL file) you will need to bear in mind that the files referenced in the playlist file, must be in the same location on your hard drive that they were in at the time of the creation of the file. If your playlist file is not working it is most probably because you have moved your files on your hard drive.

- OtsTurntables is able to load Winamp .m3u playlist files.


Saving a playlist


Loading a playlist

Tip: With a command-line argument you are able to command OtsTurntables to automatically load and randomize a playlist file. For instructions click here.

Note: Items in a playlist file (.ofl) will be marked non-playable if you have moved the file on your hard drive from it's original location. In this case relocate the files to the original location or recreate the playlist file. To revalidate a playlist go to Actions -> Revalidate All Items on the playlist control panel. To remove all non-playable items go to Actions -> Remove Non-Playable Items on the playlist control panel.


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