Transferring OtsAV to another operating system or machine

The OtsAV license agreement permits you to have OtsAV simultaneously installed on the number of operating systems your license states. This is indicated by the "Quantity=x" line (where "x" is a numerical quantity), which is part of your Product License. You can also tell how many instances your license allows by reading the title bar in the OtsAV program. It will state something like: OtsAV - Licensed to John Smith of Records Inc. for use on 1 workstation.

If you have a single license you are only able to run OtsAV on one operating system at a time. If you want to run OtsAV on multiple operating systems you will need to increase your license quantity. Click here for details.

If you have purchased a new computer, or you wish to transfer OtsAV to another operating system, it is possible. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. First you will need to transfer your media files and Ots Media Library file to your new computer. This can be achieved over a network or via re-writable CD's, or other large capacity transfer devices.

Note: The Media Library filename may be different than the one shown above, dependng on the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVDJ.oml for OtsAV DJ Product License owners
OtsAVRD.oml for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.oml for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVDJt.oml for OtsAV DJ Trial users
OtsAVRDt.oml for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.oml for OtsAV TV Trial users

Step 2. You will need to remove OtsAV from the old machine (Go to My Computer -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> OtsAV).

Step 3. Install OtsAV on your new computer. For instructions on downloading the OtsAV installation file click here. For instructions on installing OtsAV click here.

Step 4. You now need to license OtsAV. Click here for licensing instructions. Note: make sure you have removed OtsAV off your old operating system.

Step 5. Transfer your media collection to your new Media folder (Default folder for Ots files: C:\OtsLabs\OtsFiles\MyMusic\ ) and transfer the Ots Media Library file to the C:\OtsLabs\Data folder.

Step 6. Double-click on the C:\OtsLabs\Data\OtsAVDJ.oml file and Re-Link your Media Library with your media files. For instructions on re-linking the Media Library click here.


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