Re-Link Unavailable Albums (Files)

This operation will scan for files that have been moved or whose filename has changed and need to be re-linked with existing Media Library entries. This process will also import and refresh other files.

The whole point of re-linking, is that after changing the filename of a file, or the path where the file exists, you don't want to lose the additional info you have entered into the Media Library about this file, such as ratings, categories, BPM, Play Info, comments, etc.

The re-linking operation first performs an Easy Scan, after which it attempts to re-link any unavailable files with newly imported files (which have not been edited).



For re-linking to work correctly follow these two simple rules

1. If you plan on changing the location or the filename of any files, be sure to do an Easy Scan first. This ensures that the Media Library contains the most up-to-date info about all of your files.

2. After changing the location or filename of any of your files, be sure to re-link them before you make any edits to the actual files (in Ots Studio). If you do make edits to the files, then the re-linking operation will not recognize the files as identical.

In summary, you CAN edit your files in Ots Studio without the Media Library losing track of them, and you CAN change the filename and/or path of your files without the Media Library losing track of them, but NOT AT THE SAME TIME.


What will occur:

Your Ots Album, Wave, and MP3 files will be Easy Scanned and the unavailable albums will be re-linked. This process will also import and refresh other files.

Note: The importing process for Wave and MP3 files will take a few moments per file, due to the data being retrieved, analyzed and stored. This process is a once off process due to the fact that the retrieved information will be stored in both the Media Library and an associated .OMX file.

Tip: You can instantly play the imported files while the rest of your files are being imported.

Any files that cannot be re-linked will be classed as Unavailable Albums. For instructions on removing Unavailable Albums from the Media Library click here.

Note: You are able to hide Unavailable Items/Albums from view in the Media Library. Go to Options -> Media Library & Search Dialog -> and select the Hide Items/Albums which are marked as Unavailable option.


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