How to Import/Refresh File(s)

This operation allows you to import specific files. It may be useful if you only want to import (or refresh) a small number of specific files, and don't want to have any other files within your established folders imported.


What will occur:

Your Ots Album, Wave, and MP3 files will be scanned and imported into the Media Library.

Note: The importing process for Wave and MP3 files will take a few moments per file, due to the data being retrieved, analyzed and stored. This process is a once off process due to the fact that the retrieved information will be stored in both the Media Library and an associated .OMX file.

Tip: You can instantly play the imported files while the rest of your files are being imported.

You will receive the Import/Refresh Files Summary, which summarises the import process.

The specific files imported will be added to the Media Library.

If any of the files you select have already been imported, they are refreshed if they have changed since the last import/refresh.

Tip: In most cases the Easy Scan operation is easier and achieves the same result.


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