Scratch Sampler

The OtsAV Scratch Sampler enables you to sample your actual scratch movements, up to four seconds per scratch sample, and save them for later use. The scratching movement is sampled, not the audio component, so this allows you to apply the scratch-style to all types of music and at any part of a song. There are four Hot key positions available for instant application of a scratch sample: F9 - F12.

Note: If you are wanting to save the audio component of your scratch's you will need to use the Save As Wave feature.


To find the Scratch Sampler dialog box click the Scratch Sampler icon on the toolbar.


For instructions on how to record a scratch sample click here.


Scratch Sampler dialog box explained

Scratch #1 (F9) - Scratch #2 (F12) buttons: when clicked display the scratch information assigned to one of the F9 - F12 keys.

Title, Artist, Copyright, and description text boxes: input boxes allow you to record the scratch sample information.

Scratch sample oscilloscope: displays the scratch waveform.

Load... button: enables you to find and load a scratch sample into one of the four positions.

Save... button: enables you to save the scratch sample.

Close button: closes the Scratch Sampler dialog box.


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