Options Menu

Auto DJ: Changes status of Auto-DJ mode. Auto DJ mode handles all the mixing automatically and will continue to play through the playlist seamlessly.

Live protection: Prevents the program being shutdown without a warning prompt or playing songs being dragged over with a new song (SHIFT will overide).

Do Not Update Item Last Play Info: Tells OtsAV not to update the Last Play information for items. This option enables you to work with your music without OtsAV updating the items last play information.

Restore deck defaults on eject: Resets a deck to default settings when a song is ejected manually or automatically.

Media Library & Search dialog

Playlist Configuration

Time Clock



Live Input


IntelliFade/ACI Mixing

Automated Beat Mixing

Pitch/Tempo Bending



Visual FX


Remote Access Control

Scheduling and Logging

OHM / MIDI Hardware Control

Audio Signature: Enable/Disable the OtsAV announcement between songs and at program startup.

Register File Associations Now: Registers OtsAV file associations.