How to set up a Load directive

The Load directive will cause OtsAV to load an OIL or OFL list file into the playlist at the specified insertion point.

How to create files that will work with the Load Directive File Pattern

When creating your OFL or OIL list files for the Load directive you need to use naming pattern for these files.

For example, name your files:





Note: The Load Directive supports 1000 separate files (0 - 999).

For details on how to create the OIL and OFL list files click here.

The list files you have created will need to be stored together. We recommend creating the Lists directory in the C:\OtsLabs\ directory and saving these files within this directory. The directory structure should be like this:






Setting the Load Directive File Pattern

The next step involves telling OtsAV where these files are stored and the file pattern for these files. This is set in the Set Load Directive File Pattern dialog box.


How to insert the Load Directive into a playlist

Note: Load Directives can be placed throughout your playlist. You can even have an entire playlist composing of load directives. Directives can also be saved within OFL and OIL playlists.


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