Ots Item List format

The Ots Item List format is best suited if you require portability between various OtsAV installations and file/folder layouts. The items referenced within the list are identified by their title, artist and a special signature, making the references more immune to broken links after you reorganize your files, change filenames and/or folder storage locations.

Note: If an item referenced within an OIL file is later changed in a significant way -- it's title or artist information is edited, or the audio data is altered -- the reference may no longer be valid, as the correct item can not reliably be determined. If this happens you will end up with a placeholder directive occupying the item's position in the list. Bear this in mind when making changes to files in Ots Studio.

How to export an Ots Item List file


Ots Item List file icon


How to play an OIL file in OtsAV


How to import an Ots Item List file


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