Audible Beat Marker Loop

Check this box to activate a metronome that will play at the same speed as the calculated BPM for the range being setup. The metronome will play a 4 beat loop, with the 1st beat sounding different to the other three. This emulates the beat counting of 1..2..3..4.

The 1st metronome click should be aligned with all 1 beats within your song. If these are not aligned, you may need to alter the position of your Match Point marker.

If the clicking from the metronome isn't in time with the song, you may need to adjust the BPM value.


Note: The metronome can also be started by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard, and double-clicking in the Upper Waveform display.


To stop the metronome, un-check the Audible Beat Marker Loop checkbox, or simply click once in the Upper Waveform display.


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