How to play a file in OtsTurntables

Note: To play MP3 or Wave files in OtsTurntables they must have a Sample Rate of 44,100Hz, which is the current industry standard. The Bit Rate can be any bit rate including Variable Bit Rate.

If the file selected is an MP3 or Wave file, and it has not been played in OtsTurntables before, it will be checked, placed at the top of the playlist and processed. For an explanation of what is occurring during processing click here. Once processed the file will be placed in the turntable.

Note: The processing of MP3 or Wave files will take a few moments per file, due to data being retrieved, analyzed and stored. This process is a once-off process due to the fact that the calculated information will be stored in an associated .OMX file.

If the file selected is an Ots Album file that contains multiple items (tracks), you will prompted by a dialog box allowing you to select the item that you would like to load into the turntable. Select the item and click on the OK button. The item will be checked and placed in the turntable.


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