Choosing the right songs to automatically beat mix

Every DJ has their own mixing style, and this what makes every DJ unique. Generally speaking, a DJ will normally only beat mix the same style of music in any given set. For example, a DJ may beat mix a number of dance songs together, then fade mix or slam mix into some RnB, before beat mixing more RnB songs. The same mixing technique is used when the genre being played needs to change again.

This is how DJs have beat mixed for a long time, as the tools available weren't capable of mixing songs with large BPM differences. OtsAV'sClearScale Technology™ allows you speed up or slow down your music in an unprecedented way, while still maintaining clear audio.

Higher BPM songs can now be beat mixed with lower BPM songs, allowing the transition from a faster dance set to an RnB set to become possible.

This flexibility allows for greater creativity when beat mixing, and doesn't limit you to songs with similar BPMs. Common sense still plays a large part in song selection, however you now have the tools to try beat mixes that were impossible to achieve before.

The only limiting factor within OtsAV when using ABM is when mixing songs with extreme BPM differences.


Extreme BPM differences

OtsAV has Tempo sliders that range from stationary (-100%) to double speed (+100%). The ABM feature is capable of beat mixing any two songs (with Active Beat Info) that fall within this range, during an automated beat mix.

For example, Song A is playing at 130 BPM. A song with a BPM as low as 65 can be beat mixed into Song A.

Conversely, if Song A is playing at 65 BPM, a song with a BPM of 130 can be mixed into Song A.

If you are playing a song at 130 BPM, and the next song in your playlist has a BPM of 60, OtsAV will ignore the Beat Info, and perform standard ACI (radio-style) mixing between the two songs.


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