MIDI Hardware Control

OtsAV can be controlled using any MIDI Hardware device. The most common method is via a professional DJ MIDI Controller, such as the Denon HC4500 (pictured below).

Using an external controller (as opposed to a keyboard and mouse) allows for easy song manipulation in OtsAV. Basic transport controls, such as Play, Stop, Scratch, Pitch/Tempo changes, Pitch/Tempo bending, setting a Cue point, Frame Seeking, and cross-fading can be done using a controller.

Most DJs have used a professional dual CD player at one time or another in their DJing career. Many of the MIDI controllers that are available look similar to a control unit for a dual CD player, and perform the same functions in OtsAV. This makes the move to OtsAV easier than ever for DJs that are still using CDs.

To access the MIDI Hardware menu options, go to Options -> OHM / MIDI Hardware Control or to learn more about the menu options, click here.


OtsAV uses OHML (Ots Hardware Mapping Language) to communicate back and forth with a MIDI controller. To learn more about OHML, click here.

Several controllers have been pre-mapped in OtsAV, allowing you to "plug and play" with minimal setup required. These controllers are listed below.


(Click on any of the controllers listed to learn more)

Denon DN-HC4500

Denon DN-HD2500

Behringer BCD3000/BCD2000

Hercules DJ Console Rmx

Hercules DJ Console MK2

Hercules DJ Console MK1




Tip: To ensure your controller functions to manufacturer's specifications, make sure you have the latest drivers/firmware installed. Often new controllers' drivers experience problems, and are rectified by updated drivers/firmware. Not all manufacturer's are supporting Windows Vista or Windows 7. Check with your controller manufacturer to ensure your controller will work with your operating system.


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