Media formats

Due to a lot of customer feedback, and extensive market research, we have made the move to provide the ability to play both Wave and MP3 files directly in OtsAV. Whilst this functionality will mean that you can get OtsAV up and running quickly with your present media collection, you will most probably find that the Ots Album file format will provide you with greater functionality and flexibility. We recommend that our customers eventually migrate their collection to the Ots Album format, but this is not an absolute requirement for audio only playback. For a comparison of Ots and MP3/Wave files click here.

OtsAV is able to play the following media formats:

Note: Ots Album files can contain various types of media, including audio, video, and CD+G. To learn more about what type of files can be converted to Ots files, consult the Ots Studio documentation.


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