How to convert Ots files to Wave/MP3/MP2 files and CD+G

If required, you are able to convert your Ots files to Wave or native files (MP3, MP2, PCM WAV) and associated CD+G content. This feature may be handy if you need to use your music files in another application.


Note: Ots format option will export as individual Ots files, Wave format will export as WAV file regardless of native audio type, and Native format will export as the native audio type it is (MP3, MP2, PCM WAV).



Note: Video content cannot be exported back to its original form in this version of Ots Studio. This feature may be developed in future. Keep your original Video files backed up in their original format if necessary.


File Name Pattern Reference:

$artist$ is the artist name of the item.

$title$ is the title name of the item.

$file$ is the filename of the source Ots file (without the ".ots" or the path).

$num$ is a convenient way of using $tracknum$ if available, otherwise falling back to $itemnum$. Since $itemnum$ is always available, you will be guaranteed to never get 00 if you specify $num$.

$tracknum$ comes from the Disc Track Number chunk and is a number between 01 and 99. If the chunk doesn't exist (or has an error, etc.), then it will result in 00.

$itemnum$ is the number of the item within the Ots file, starting from 1. This information is always available, since each item has to have a position within the file. The number is padded out to at least two digits (e.g. it will be 07, not 7), but if it's over 99 then it can be even more digits.


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