How to rip a CD or CD+G (karaoke) disc

Ots Studio includes a fully integrated ripper, and is able to make use of an external MP3 encoder, such as LAME. The ripper is able to query an online CD database in order to automatically obtain track title and artist information.

Before you rip a CD you will need to configure the Encoder Settings (Lame encoder or uncompressed PCM option) and CD Database settings in Ots Studio. For instructions click here.



Tip: If Ots Studio does not attempt to contact the freedb site you will need to configure the CD database settings, click here for instructions.


Tip: If you receive the "Encoder error or invalid encoder settings" error message you will need to configure the encoder - click here for instructions. Alternatively, you can use the uncompressed PCM option - click here for instructions.


Note: The ripper also includes a mini CD preview/player. You can double-click on a track to start playing it through your sound card. Ots Studio plays the CD digitally as opposed to the analog method that most other programs use. This means that you will get immediate confirmation of how clean your rip will be.

If you are ripping a CD+G disc, the graphic component will be shown in the Visual Output window. This method can also help you determine whether your CD/DVD drive is capable of extracting CD+G tracks. Not all CD/DVD drives are capable of ripping CD+G discs. Consult your drive's specifications to find out more.



Tip: If you need to maintain single Ots files per song, then you can use the File -> Export -> As Individual Ots Files menu option to achieve this.

You can also export the imported CD tracks directly to MP3 files. In this way, it is possible to use Ots Studio as a stand-alone ripper/encoder, saving directly to MP3 files, without ever having to save an intermediary Ots file. However, you will obviously not benefit by the vast advantages of the Ots format if you do this. To learn more about the benefits of Ots files click here.


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