Converting your media (MP3, Wave, MP2, MPEG1, MPEG2, VOB, CD+G...)

Ots Studio enables you to convert your media files to the Ots file format. This section is dedicated to helping you convert your media collection.


Note: Ots Studio will extract the Title and Artist information directly from the filename (not from any ID3 tags). You should have your files named in accordance with the industry standard of Artist - Title.ext. If your filenames are not listed in this way, but your ID3 tags are accurate, you could use a batch filenaming tool, such as Dr.Tag, to rename your files based on the ID3 content. To learn more about getting your folder and filenames setup, see here.


This section covers:

How to rip a CD or CD+G

How to convert Wave/MP3/MP2/MP3+G/MPEG1/MPEG2/VOB/TS and other files to Ots files

How to convert Ots files to Wave/MP3 files

Supported Media File Types


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