Real-Life editing examples

Here are some real-life examples of things that you would use Ots Studio's ACI chunk handler to do. Please do not go about changing all of your songs' mix points, just because you feel that the mixing should be tighter or looser in general. You should only use this facility to tweak songs which clearly do not mix correctly, when comparing to how Ots playing software normally mixes. Don't go changing the basic character of the way Ots mixes by editing all of your ACI chunks -- you'll only end up making your Ots file collection incompatible with the enormous amount of other Ots files out there, and incompatible with future innovations. Plus it would be a huge burden to change all of your mix points! That's why you purchased Ots, remember -- because it does this automatically for you correctly 98 times out of 100!


Example One: Fixing up the outro of Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven

This song contains extremely low level audio at the end of the track where Robert Plant sings "And she's buying a stairway to heaven". Because of the unusually low level audio, the Ots algorithm has difficulty determining the "real" ending, and tends to cut it off before the whole sentence has been sung. As a listener, you expect the sentence to be completed, and therefore this song is a prime candidate to be tweaked! For a step-by-step example click here.


Example Two: Creating a radio edit of Bryan Adams' Everything I Do I Do It For You, while also retaining the full-length version, and not using any additional hard disk space!

Both the album and greatest hits versions of this song have an extended section at the end that goes on for a few minutes. DJs and radio stations rarely play this extended ending. What is the proper way to remove it? Traditionally you would have permanently edited the Wave/MP3 before converting to Ots. With Ots Studio and the ACI chunk handler you don't need to do this, plus you can keep both versions for those rare times when you do want to play the full version! For a step-by-step example click here.


Example Three: Removing the non-musical beginning and ending of a music video. (Refer to Example One)

Music videos, just like audio tracks, are an art form, and in some cases, the artist will include sequences at the beginning and end of the video clip that are non-musical. During a live performance, you will most likely not want to play these sequences. Simply use the ACI chunk handler to modify the Intro and Outro points as required, so that these sections of the clip are never seen or heard.


This section covers:

Editing outro mix point

Radio Edit example


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