How to launch your station from an icon

You are able to load OtsAV, and start Scheduling & Logging, all from a click of a mouse. This automation is great for radio stations, background music providers, and internet broadcasters who require a simple start up procedure for their resident DJ's.

Tip: If you place the OtsAV icon in the Windows startup menu, and you enable your computer to restart after a shut down, OtsAV will automatically start up your station unassisted. This is a great tool for the likes of remote radio sites that run completely unassisted. If you are internet broadcasting you can also instruct OtsAV to spawn the SHOUTcast DSP at start up, which means your streams will start up automatically after a shut down. Click here for details on how to spawn SHOUTcast from start up.


Directly below is an example of a command line that achieves the above mentioned.

C:\OtsLabs\OtsAVRD.exe C:\OtsLabs\Templates\StartUp.otm /schedule=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\Radio.osh /templatepath=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\


Explanation of each segment of the above command line.

C:\OtsLabs\OtsAVRD.exe : Tells OtsAV to start.

Note: The command line needs to reflect the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVRD.exe for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.exe for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVRDt.exe for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.exe for OtsAV TV Trial users

C:\OtsLabs\Templates\StartUp.otm : Generates a template so OtsAV is not sitting waiting for the next Time Sync directive. You will need to create a template file for this purpose.

/schedule=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\Radio.osh : Starts the Scheduling tool and specifies the location of the Scheduling Event table (.osh file) that is to be used.

/templatepath=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\ : Specifies the template path so the Scheduling tool knows where to look for the template files.


The command line is added to the Target field in an OtsAV icon. For details on creating a new OtsAV icon click here.


How to create an icon that will automatically start your station


Note: If you are an internet broadcaster, and you have a multiple license, you are able to add command line arguments to tell OtsAV to broadcast multiple streams. For details click here.


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