Using OtsAV

The Using OtsAV section is the heart of this help documentation. It provides information and help for all current features, functions, and options available in OtsAV.


The "Using OtsAV" sections and features covered

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Features and options in sections

Media formats

Compatible media formats, Preparing your media collection, Ots vs MP3 and Wave formats.

Media Library

Importing files, Managing categories, Categorizing music.

Playlist Generation

Generating playlists, Export/Import playlists, Playlist directives.


Program menu, Toolbar menu, Right-click menu.

Control features

Decks, Scratch feature, Zorphing, Mixer, Remote Access Control, MIDI Hardware Controller.

Search features

Search Media Library, Find in List search, Querying the Media Library.

Audio Input features

Live Input, CD-DA.

Signal processing

Dynamics Processor, Graphic Equalizer.

Audio Output features

Output channels, Save As Wave, SHOUTcast Integration.

Display options

Playlist area options, Centre Panel, Window Mode.

Visualization integration

Integrating Winamp visualization, Dual monitor configuration.

Video Output options


Video and Karaoke CD+G.



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