Item Title

This chunk contains the actual Title of the item (or song), and the version of the song (if applicable).



With other software, a lot of people enter titles like the following:

What A Girl Wants (Radio Edit)
There She Goes (Ben Grosse Mix)
Are You Ready (Remix)

People do this, because the software and file formats they use only allow a single line for title information. The obvious problem with this approach is that it becomes unclear what exactly is part of the official title, and what is additional information. Many songs actually have brackets as part of the official name, so you can't even make the distinction based on the brackets. There is a better way! Again, you may not care if you're a casual user, but professionals with large collections will probably care.

With the Ots file title chunk, the first line should always be the official title only. The second line of the title chunk is reserved for things like "Radio Edit", etc. You should not enter this information in brackets, but just specify it raw. So, as an example, you may enter:

What A Girl Wants
Radio Edit

When OtsAV displays this item in a deck, it will show a single line as follows:

What A Girl Wants [Radio Edit]

Basically, if the second line is not blank, then the info in it will be placed after the title in square brackets. Obviously this is a much more innovative approach!

The third line of the title is reserved for the user to place their own information, such as a library catalog number, database ID, or some other type of code or information. Any information specified in the 3rd and subsequent lines will not normally be displayed anywhere, but it is stored, and can be used for special purposes.


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