AV Enthusiast Tips & Tricks

Below are a number of OtsAV tips and tricks to help make your music appreciation experience all the more enjoyable. This section will grow as OtsAV evolves and as we collate more tips and tricks from our AV Enthusiast customers.


MP3 and Wave playability

OtsAV is able to play MP3 and Wave files directly (without converting them to the Ots file format). This compatibility enables you to quickly get OtsAV up and running with your current media collection (if you have MP3 and Wave files). Ultimately though we believe that you will find that the Ots Album file format will provide you with greater flexibility and functionality. Click here for details.


Organizational tips

One of the key benefits of OtsAV is the ability to store your music collection on your hard drive. The unique Ots Album file format enables you to store your CD's in a digital album format. You can liken the Ots Album file to a virtual CD: one logical album file containing multiple tracks. For details on the Ots Album file format click here.

The OtsAV Media Library enables you to intelligently categorize your media collection. To learn more able the Media Library click here. For details on building your Media Library click here.


Playlist generation tips

With OtsAV you can build playlist template files that can automatically create playlists of your categorized music. For example, you can create a playlist template file that will generate an hours worth of dinner music from your dinner music category. For instructions on building playlist template files click here. Once you have build your playlist template files you can simply double-click on the template file to have OtsAV automatically play the generated playlist.

You are able to manually build playlists of your favorite music, which can be saved and loaded at a later date. For instructions on how to build playlists manually click here. For instructions on how to save and load playlists click here.

For instructions on randomizing a playlist click here.

You are able to command OtsAV to continuously play a playlist. In other words, OtsAV will repeat a playlist once it has been completed. For instructions click here.


Other tips and tricks

There are a number of OtsAV functions available via keyboard shortcuts. For a detailed listing of OtsAV keyboard shortcuts click here.

The OtsAV dynamics processor enables you to tailor the output of OtsAV to your sound environment. For example, the Office dynamics processor preset will provide you with a background sound that is unobtrusive and ideal for the office environment or a dinner party. For details click here.

It is important to backup your Media Library file periodically, to avoid losing all the hard work you have put into building your Media Library. Click here for instructions.

We recommend that if you are serious about your audio that you optimize your computer for audio. For instructions click here.

You are able to remotely control OtsAV over a network using the OtsAV Remote Access Control server. For details click here.


OtsAV is great tool for creating seamless mixed CDs. OtsAV's Save As Wave feature enables you to save your mix, exactly as you hear it, in the Wave file format. You can then burn these files to a CD using your CD writers burning software. Click here for details.

With the combination of the Live Input and Save As Wave feature you are able to record your vinyl and cassettes onto your hard drive. For details click here.


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