Welcome to the Ots Studio help documentation. This documentation will help enhance your Ots Studio experience and increase your understanding of its features and functions.

Ots Studio is an application that enables you to create and manipulate Ots Album files (Ots files for short).

Ots file primer

An Ots file can be likened to a virtual CD -- a single album file that contains multiple items (tracks, track information, album cover art, etc). Ots files provide an intelligent approach to file organization and uphold the integrity of the album concept. Note, Ots files can also be single track files like an MP3 file. For more information on Ots files click here.


With Ots Studio you are able to:


Ots Studio is likely to be of most benefit to those who use other Ots-file-based products, such as OtsAV (formerly OtsDJ), and OtsTurntables. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone ripper, and is able to output to standard MP3 files.


Getting started quickly:


Configuring Ots Studio

Ripping an audio CD

Converting your music

Editing Ots files

Adding album covers

Altering mix points

Ots Studio screen layout

What is an Ots file?



This documentation applies to Ots Studio version 1.01.004 released on 30th November 2009.